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Our Engagements

Over the years we were involved in several successful engagements for clients ranging from Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to Fortune 500 organizations. Project duration range from few weeks to more than a year. Below are few examples.


Sample Projects

Systems Integration



  • Coordinated data integration effort for a 5B apparel retailer to convert their multi-channel facility into a Foreign Trade Zone.


  • Managed implementing direct-ship (DC by pass) solution for an apparel retailer to share inbound shipment data with their freight forwarder.


  • Managed integration testing of Manhattan Associates WM for an apparel retailer to support operations of a million square feet multi-channel facility.


  • Executed QA process of HighJump WMS rollout for a major eCommerce company in the US.


  • Coordinated and executed QA process of HighJump WMS enhancements for a global food and beverage company.


  • Helped with functional specification and project coordination for a meals-ready to-eat provider to setup their B2C site.


Strategic Analysis



  • Determining location for second distribution center (DC) for a retailer and evaluating the impact on outbound transportation cost for DC to store deliveries.


  • Routing analysis for a manufacturer supplying to wholesale and retail customers using multi-stop closed loop routes dispatched from multiple DCs.


  • Facility location analysis for a security services company to evaluate branch location to serve multiple regions. Scenario modeling involved determining new branch location to serve different combinations of service regions.


  • Scenario modeling for a major 3PL specializing in cold storage and distribution that involved evaluating 3 DC network using 3PL facilities vs. those of customer for potential replacement. Analysis involved routing the 3 DC network in both cases and evaluating transportation metrics.




  • Evaluated LTL consolidation opportunities for inbount parts operation of an auto manufacturer to identify over 10% in inbound transportation savings.


  • Assessed Transportation Management operational capabilities of an apparel retailer with 75 Million in transportation spend.


  • Evalutated warehousing operations of a discount retailer in South Florida to recommend improvements to storage and picking functions.


  • Completed Value Stream mapping of material management practices at a children's hospital in Miami to identify process improvements.


  • Conducted SKU analysis for a pet product retailer to identify SKUs for cross-docking as part of the initiative to reduce inventory cost by 20% in one year.



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